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Living Your Dream Life in Coastal Alabama

Gail was licensed in 1992 as a REALTOR in Houston, Texas. She specialized in residential sales and later worked as a Marketing Representative for a Title Company in Sugarland, Texas. After spending ten years in Corporate America, she and her husband visited Fairhope, fell in love with the "small town" atmosphere and relocated in 2003.

Clients have been heard to describe her with the following attributes and core values:

  • Dependable: "able to be trusted to do or provide what is needed"
  • Knowledgeable: "possessing or exhibiting knowledge, insight or understanding; intelligent; well-informed; discerning; perceptive"
  • Adaptable: "able to change, or accommodate, to work together effectively in difficult situations to achieve desired goals"
  • Educator: "a person who educates by supporting and assisting"
  • Accessible: "easy to communicate with"
  • Hard working: "a person who tends to work with energy and commitment"
  • Diligent: "attentive and persistent in accomplishing goals"

Whatever your real estate needs, whether you have a long history of buying or selling a home or a first time home buyer, Gail will clarify the options and nuances that could affect your decisions. Her commitment to you will always be steadfast and unwavering!

Coastal Alabama is not only a Destination… It is a Lifestyle and
Gail will be There to Help You Achieve Your Dreams!!